We Care About Your Health & Safety...

At The Nail Story Beauty Lounge, we have distinguished ourselves in every aspect of our services, products, ambiance, and above all is sanitation and sterilization. Your safety is ours, "Never Compromised Priority”.  We proudly strive to rank our lounge as the top cleanest and most hygienic salon in town.

We commit ourselves to "the highest standards of cleanliness and sterilization" for both our clients and our staff. From establishing a diligent daily protocol of sanitizing  all of the salon surfaces to putting together the most thorough  standard operating procedure of sanitation  and disinfection of all our Pipeless Pedicure Spas, pedicure chairs, all manicure tables and bar surfaces as well as our UV & LED Lights, electric files hand pieces and bits and any surface that come in contact with clients or staff after every use.

We take pride in our choices of  products with using Disposable Implements, whenever possible.  All our reusable implements and tools will be scrubbed with sanitizing solution, immersed in the highest quality hospital grade disinfecting solutions and finally sterilized in a Hospital Grade, FDA Approved Autoclave that has excellent reliability in eradicating all viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores bringing to your station a hundred percent safe pouch packed implements.

We also ensure that all single use disposable items (mainly files and buffers) are being disposed safely at the highest professional standards.  Our staff is trained to follow extreme hygienic procedures when dealing with our clients to ensure the utmost safety.

We are:  HIV Free, Hepatitis B&C Free, Onycomycosis Free, Athlete's Foot, Wart Free and MRSA Free

In order to maintain a high level of sanitation and sterilization as well as for your best safety The Nail Story Beauty Lounge has the right to refuse service to any client with a medical condition. Kindly inform your technician prior to service if you have or think you may have a medical condition which will prevent us from servicing you.  Please seek a physician’s approval prior to booking a service.

We Don’t Just Clean… WE STERILIZE!

We care deeply about your safety.
Our salons are free of HIV, Hepatitis, and so many more known nail born issues as a result of our strict sanitation procedures.

At The Nail Story, we want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest extent resting assured that you won’t have to worry about the possibility of infections.